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About Us

Photo image of the bowling green at Southwark Sports bowls club

About Us

Southwark Sports are a lawn bowls club in Dulwich, set within the heart of one of London’s leafiest suburbs.  Due to recent financial cuts Southwark Council were no longer able to continue funding this beautiful, historic sports and social club.  As a result, Southwark Sports team members took over the running of the club.

Club members now maintain and manage the club and we do everything ourselves. The Club is now staffed and maintained entirely by volunteers.  Club members give up hours of their time all year round maintaining the bowling green.  Bowling greens need continuous looking after.  Southwark Sports are a competitive club and it essential that the green is maintained to the highest of standards.

Mowing is the single most important operation in maintaining a good surface. The mower has to be a specialised fine turf mower with at least ten cutting blades, there are no cheap alternatives. Any costs incurred are funded solely by the money that we raise ourselves within the club. Our Volunteers have been given special training in lawn maintenance.  They are skilled in using specialised mowing equipment and have acquired technical knowledge in lawn maintenance.

Photo image of the men's and women's huts at Southwark Sports Lawn Bowls Club

In addition, we have charming gardens surrounding the bowling green which are also maintained by volunteers.  It is a real hidden gem, even lifelong Dulwich folk are amazed when they set eyes on our beautiful venue.  With white wooden huts and palm trees surrounding the lawn bowls green it makes it an ideal area for outdoor parties and events.  All in a completely private, secluded setting.

If you would like to come and join us and learn to play bowls or if you are already a proficient player and would like to become a member of the team then you can get in touch here