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Bowls season starting soon

Bowls season starting soon

It’s here already.  After what felt like a prolonged winter period, the sun is beginning to shine and the 2018 lawn bowls season is due to commence commence on May 1st.

It has been a difficult winter for Southwark Sports.  After preparing the green last October to get ready for the upcoming season, the recent inclement weather conditions have made it difficult for our members to carry out the necessary maintenance that the bowling green needs during the winter months.

Needless to say, wet grass simply doesn’t cut as well as dry grass which means we would be more likely to cause damage to the green rather than improve it.  Our team of trained volunteers have had to be extremely patient and wait for the optimum mowing conditions before they can get out on the green and give it the love and attention it needs to be suitable for competitive tournaments.

Now with the summer weather on our doorstep and the sun shining again, our crack team of accomplished mowers are able to utilise the professional equipment and their lawn care expertise to create a beautiful lawn.

We are all looking forward to getting out on the green sometime soon for a ‘roll up’ before commencing the serious business of matching our success in the 2017 bowls season


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